night is short, walk on girl; review

a week ago, i stumbled upon a charming little music video with clips from this movie. the art style was definitely different, so i thought it was just a short. i was pleasantly surprised when i discovered that it was a full length film and immediately asked bae if he’d be willing to watch it with me. we finally found time to sit down and enjoy it this week, and let me just say – it was absolutely sensational! perhaps one of the best i’ve seen in a long time.


the story is focused around the heroine, whose remained unnamed through the film. she’s adored by her senpai at kyoto university, who plans to finally confess to her after staging many run-ins hoping this she will see this as “fate”. the film takes place in one night where she wanders around kyoto, meeting different people and taking on many adventures. the entire night, her senpai is trying desperately to run into her again and finally confess his feelings, but because of each situation, they are continuously separated.


the pacing of this movie was excellent. there were many twists and turns so you never got bored, but there were never things that happened for no reason. everything tied together perfectly, and new developments added to the interest of the story. at first i thought this would be more about her experience with alcohol, but it was just a nod to the drinking culture that is very common in japan. we followed her through the story as she pursued happiness through drinks, books, a guerrilla play, and finally the company of others.


normally, films and stories suffer from the typical plot device of set-up, conflict, resolution. that makes plot lines more predictable. this film didn’t have one major conflict – it actually had a few small conflicts that were resolved through the night, but none of them were extremely stressful or over-dramatic. in fact, this story did a great job of keeping you entertained with a feel good story without any painful struggles to a set goal. since the heroine just went with the flow, you were happily surprised by how the night unfolded.


now typically, you would see this as an “everyone wins” story, but people still had problems or issues to deal with, so that added a nice touch to the film, making it more relate-able. the characters were also very fun! they had major quirks, but they were unmistakably human with their own set of flaws that made you connect to each one in a different way. it’s difficult to make a story where you can’t dislike a single character. they were all living by pursuing their joys, and there’s nothing more human than that.


the art style, which i felt strange about at first, was absolutely charming and made me fall in love. it had an abstract feeling to it, which made it easier to accept the strange and mystical things that happened throughout the story. the distinct choices really reflected the heart and mood that the narrative was trying to portray. since the scenery was so colorful and fun, it made it very appealing to the eye.


the soundtrack and voice acting was top-notch, too. i recognized many different voice actors that i’ve loved for a very long time. the timing of sound effects and the original sound track helped further build the atmosphere making you feel as though your were on the journey yourself. they did an absolutely sensational job with every aspect of this movie. i really loved it.


tldr; this movie was incredible. i would give it a 10/10. if you’re looking for something a little quirky and feel-good, definitely take the time and check this one out.

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