i’ll cut my hair to make you stare

hello there, all.

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today i just felt like writing. i feel like lately i’ve been out of sorts and i’ve been barely keeping up with my weekly post as it is. i want that to change. i’ve always felt like if i don’t have a goal or purpose for my post, i shouldn’t do anything at all.

but why does it have to be that way?

so i’m just writing, let’s see where this goes.

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i just finished this lovely book that my therapist recommended to me. it’s about how adults have attachment types to their partner just like children do to their parents. it’s a very insightful book and helps you look at yourself and your partner. i highly recommend it to everyone! especially those looking for love, or those hoping to improve their current relationship. i think this book, although very good, had its share of flaws – but i think in general, it was very helpful for me. if you end up picking it up, let me know what you think!

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recently i just discovered cavetown, this amazing artist whose music really strikes a strong tone with me. i stumbled upon his music by chance, and since then i’ve been slowly enjoying all his songs one by one. it’s funny how even if you don’t relate to the entire song, a line or two will really stick out to you and be stuck in your head all day. that kind of music really resonates, and i hope he keeps writing more.

i’ve also been listening to a lot of japanese 80’s music. it’s so upbeat and fun. bae got me on plastic love and basically there was no turning back. it’s fun to be exploring music again. my playlists have gotten quite stale lately, so hopefully i’ll find more songs to enjoy.

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i’ve had a lot on my mind recently, it’s very distracting. it’s strange that no matter how much you plan or envision, the future will still be a mystery. this causes all kinds of anxiety, but i’m trying my best to focus on now (though i’m doing a terrible job.) i keep hoping that something magical will happen and then all the worries will go away, but i know things don’t work that way. i guess there’s nothing i can do but keep facing forward and hope for the best.

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in light, happy news, bae and i are planning a halloween party – and i’m very excited. i’ve invited our friends and planned my costume, so all that’s left is to figure out decorations and spooky snacks! i absolutely love halloween, and i’m a big fan of spooky things! in my mind, spooky is like a cute-scary, which is the perfect combination. as i get more stuff ready, i’ll definitely take pictures and share them with you.

sorry that this post was all over the place, sometimes it’s nice to just type what comes to mind. wishing you a happy thursday.

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