october has begun

october started with many new changes – mostly exciting.

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i have a new commute now, and because of this, i’ve been seeing more and more beautiful skies. the sky is just so lovely, and lately the clouds have been arranging themselves in a way that makes me feel like it’s a show just for me.

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halloween is my favorite holiday, and so you can imagine that i’m very excited now that the season is upon us. i’m in charge of the fun events in my office, so i’ve arranged a few contests in conjunction with halloween. i’m very proud of how my flyer for the event turned out. spooky spooky!

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i got to sit in on a piano lesson this week. i’ve never been in a piano teacher’s studio before, and the smell of the old sheet music and dry air felt somehow very familiar. it was exactly how i imagined it would be.

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in the middle of the week i went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday with our usual group. after some delicious tacos, we enjoyed some milkshakes and drinks. the conversation was especially fun, and i loved being with everyone.

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i just got new volleyball shoes, which have become crucial for me. i’ve been experiencing some pain in my left foot for a while now and one of my teammates suggested that it was my shoes. ever since i got these, i don’t have pain when i’m playing and the daily aching has been slowly lessening. i think volleyball shoes in general aren’t very cute, so when i found these online, i had to get them! it took me a lot of searching to find a vendor that still had this color in my size.

Mobile Image4.jpg

saturday brought another trip to the farmer’s market with leta. a nice brisk walk, and some pokestops later, we arrived at the beautiful view that is lake anne. being able to spend this time with her has become so essential to me – and it’s something i look forward to each week.

Mobile Image1.jpg

since it was a long weekend, bae and i went on many adventures (mostly just eating.) we ate at one of my favorite japanese restaurants, which has a beautiful fountain. it was too hot to eat outside, so i just took a picture on the way out.

Mobile Image2.jpg

after our stomachs were rested, we went for a nice long walk on the trails behind the house. we made our way down to the lake nearby, and i was so excited to see six turtles taking a break from swimming and resting on the logs. there are five total in this picture, but only three show up clearly.

Mobile Image3.jpg

on the way back from the lake, we came across this toad. i was worried he’d get run over by some bikers, so i guided him away from the trail and towards the water. he was either grateful or tired, because he sat still and let me take a picture of him up close.

the weekend was so nice, it’s a bit sad that it’s over already. i’m feeling quite optimistic today, so hopefully i’ll get to enjoy some beautiful views again this week.

wishing you good fortune as october continues on.

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