a week of ice cream

i’ve begun to realize more and more that i absolutely love ice cream and i’ll take every opportunity to partake in the delicious treat. last week i had ice cream a whopping five times, (two instances i didn’t even get a picture) and i thought to myself, that it was really an ice cream week.

Mobile Image.jpg

i visited baskin robbins with a coworker while we were running work errands hoping that there’d still be my favorite flavor available – splish splash, but unfortunately there was not. i settled on this rainbow sherbet flavor, it didn’t disappoint.

the week was mostly uneventful, but the weekend came with a lot of exciting things to blog about!

Mobile Image1.jpg

i experienced my first farmer’s market this weekend. leta, goes every saturday, and i decided to try tagging along with her from now on. it’s a brisk walk from where she lives, and it was such an experience. there were tons of different vendors, and i saw all kinds of different goods. i didn’t even know “fairy tale” eggplants existed. next time, i’ll have to get some to try.

Mobile Image2.jpg

there were tons of dogs being walked around the market, but the most notable pet was this gorgeous cockatoo that was relaxing on her human’s shoulder. her name was athena, and she was so beautiful and mild mannered. leta was beyond excited to meet her, and i was also very excited to pet her! i’d never encountered a cockatoo before so this was an exciting moment.

Mobile Image3.jpg

as we walked through the market, there were many vendors selling art. this particular stand stood out to me. i fell absolutely in love with the blue piece to the left on the top middle shelf.

Mobile Image4.jpg

the thing i was most excited for was the nitro ice cream. we got to watch her mix the ingredients and see the gas from the nitro rise out of the mixer. it was so incredible to watch, and amazingly delicious!

Mobile Image.jpg

i got the vanilla flavor. the ice cream was so smooth and the flavor was just right. i will probably have to get this each time i see it.

Mobile Image1.jpg

and of course, it wouldn’t be us if there was no selfie. leta got strawberry – which she let me taste. it was also very delicious, and i can’t wait to try other flavors next time.

Mobile Image2.jpg

the next day, i headed over the kidfest, a local festival. my brother’s gaming team had an event there so i went by to support and enjoy the sights. i was itching to try the rides, but i restrained myself.

Mobile Image3.jpg

my nieces were there, and they really wanted to get ice cream. of course, i wanted to have some too, so we popped over to a stand to get some. i was so excited and impressed by the “rainbow” flavor soft serve. it looked so pretty! it had some different fruit flavors in it, but it was all very subtle, so i ended up liking it a lot.

Mobile Image4.jpg

when i got to the event, i took a picture with the backdrop. it had a decent turn out, and it was nice to help out a bit. the team is called psistormgaming, and they participate in starcraft two and heroes of the storm. i’m technically a part of the group, but i haven’t been able to stream lately because my computer is so slow!

Mobile Image.jpg

as i headed out, i stole a photo with the virginia is for lovers sign.

and thus the week ended with a bunch of new experiences (and tons of ice cream calories gained.) i’m sure this week will be even better than the last.

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