it finally feels like fall

another week has gone by and i can’t believe that october is already halfway over.

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instagram has released a bunch of new filters so i took the time to play with them this week. i really love this gradient, the colors are so pretty! my desk seems very messy from the picture, but i promise it’s not. i love taking selfies but i try to be a bit more modest about them when it comes to my blog.


on thursday, bae and i watched night is short, walk on girl. it was magnificent – i wrote all about it in my review post. basically the story and art is sensational and i gave the movie a 10/10. i really recommend it, and i think that i might curl up in bed one night and watch it again soon.

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saturday brought another walk to the farmer’s market with leta. it became autumn overnight so it was very cold out, but once the sun came out it warmed up quite a bit. these purple berries were so charming, i stopped just to take a picture of them. of course, we went for ice cream again this week and walked around the stalls seeing if anything in particular caught our eyes.

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whenever we are there, we try to participate in at least one raid. i’ve got a long way to go when it comes to my pokemon, but we have so much fun battling things together.

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after a few hours of wandering around and playing, i took a quick picture with the bench statue. i believe he’s the one who originally planned and created our town. he envisioned it to be a community, not just another city. i’d always wanted to get a picture with him, so today was the day!

Mobile Image4.jpg

the weekend wasn’t only filled with happy things, though. i ended the week by attending my very first funeral on sunday. one of my closest friends lost her younger brother the week before. it was a very sudden death, as he passed in his sleep. of course i wanted to support her and her family, so i drove up to maryland and came to help celebrate the life of her brother. it was a simple service, with nothing but kind words and passionate love for him. it was open casket, and i’d never seen a dead body before, so that was slightly jarring, but i felt that it was such a necessary experience. it’s amazing to see how much one person can touch so many around him after only twenty years of life. it really made me think about how much of an impact i’ve had, and how i could live my life even fuller.

death is a part of life, as we’re so often reminded, but we forget how it is indiscriminate in who leaves us, and when. as someone who has struggled with the will to go on, being at a funeral like this one really helps remind me that sometimes all you need is perspective. many things in this life are fleeting, but the true care and love of those around you is one that will forever remain unchanged. my only hope this week is that the hearts of those who knew and loved him heal quickly.

best of luck with the week ahead.


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