the post i had planned

before things went a bit off balance for me, i had a fantastic saturday. my boyfriend and i had a fun time before i went off to work on saturday night. we had such a good experience at burger 21 last weekend that we had to go again. since i wanted to have some fun things to share with you all, we explored the little strip of stores and i noticed a cute little cake shop.


at first, bae did not want to go in because he has a rule that he doesn’t enter stores unless he plans on buying something. i told him i might want to buy a small cake or cupcake if they had it, so he agreed to go and check it out. just from outside the window everything was so adorable! they even had a little stationary area of kate spade products, so you know it was an immediate win for me.


everything about the shop was so whimsical. i was obsessed with the cute, bright design and i definitely will be going back. they had free samples of their cinnamon swirl cake, and it was so delicious. i ended up buying a mini lemon bundt cake because i love lemon flavored things.


they also had a little jar full of confetti. i’m always charmed by little jars with tiny objects inside. i always feel like i’m getting a bottle of magic. i had to get it, and so i took home both instant happy and lemon bundt cake. i had the cake for dessert sunday night and it was really good! i think they definitely could have made the lemon flavor more prominent, so i was a bit disappointed that i didn’t get the same *pow* that lemon usually gives, but the frosting was so creamy and good that i have no real complaints. i’ll have to try another flavor next time i go back there.


my best friend’s birthday is coming up so we stopped by tjmaxx to get some wrapping paper. these cynthia rowely designs were so darling! i had to get all of them. bae was bemused as he said “we’re just getting fancy trash since all wrapping paper gets thrown away.” he’s so practical, but for me the unwrapping the present is part of the excitement.


after that we stopped by the grocery store so he could get some beer for st. patrick’s day. on the way out we noticed a girl scout cookie stand and we had to check it out since the season is almost over. savannah smiles are completely underrated! i chuckled to myself a bit because i found that my day was very lemon themed. what’s your favorite girl scout cookie?

sometimes you find little enchantment in ordinary days. ❤

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