when the sky is falling


life has a bad habit of sneaking up and surprising you with unplanned emergencies. this weekend i had planned out things and took lots of pictures in order to write a fun blog post. unfortunately, on sunday something fell over onto me and i got a mild concussion. (don’t worry i’m alright, but i did have to go to the doctor to make sure. just need some rest.) bae took me to patient first and i got checked out. the worst part was that i was very very sleepy but i wasn’t allowed to sleep. this made me very cranky and i did lash out a bit.

after waiting 4 hours at the doctors (it was very busy due to the weekend) bae took me to my favorite dessert spot to cheer me up and i got myself some frozen custard. i always have to put a few napkins down because the sprinkles drip off much faster than i can eat, and so usually this is the result. as i sat there with my head still aching i looked down and decided to snap a quick picture. i think this is a good representation of how my weekend went, unplanned, messy, and kind of falling apart.

i’ve been advised to not look at screens longer than 15 minutes at a time, and so i was able to enjoy some of my other hobbies while i rested. i did miss my blog quite a bit as i had a whole plan for writing a post yesterday, so i decided to pop by and write a short post just to get some feelings out. i can tell my head is starting to hurt more now that i’ve been looking at this screen for a while, so i’ll wrap it up here.

life is unexpected. accidents happen. my advice? don’t let the frustration get the better of you and take it out on the ones you love.

i hope your weekends went much more smoothly than mine did. ❤

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