let it snow

this week we got hit with a random snow storm on the first day of spring. i was happily surprised, since watching snow fall and pile up is one of my favorite views. i was disappointed though because i’ve been wanting to build an igloo again but there just hasn’t been enough snow in recent years. this year we only had a few inches so to make up for the igloo i took some photos with my best friend, leta, instead.


the trail was so peaceful. we took a short walk down to the stream nearby.


when we got there, we tried to look artsy by taking photos of us looking up at the sky.


i wanted to take some “candid” photos of me walking.


we tried, and failed, to throw the snow so it would sprinkle down for a more elegant picture.


we had a lot of fun. it was cold, but we were too busy laughing to notice.


” a snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky – unbidden – and seems like a thing of wonder.  ” ❤

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