enter june

hello lovelies!

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i can’t believe how absent i’ve been, but i’ve been productive in the real world – i promise! pandemic aside, i’ve finally started moving in with tony (for real this time) and so that’s included a lot of projects. i’m now realizing i can’t make a before and after post for how we’ve redone the house because i didn’t take before pictures, but i’ll definitely make a post later on how the whole place turned out. i hope you love it!

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i’ve bought a ton of enamel pins lately. now that my collection is on a cork board where i can see it, i’ve been wanting even more! i ordered all of them on etsy and the handwritten notes have honestly been my favorite! i still have a few on the way and i can’t wait to put them up on my board.

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getting the mail has become one of my favorite parts of the day! i’m always excited for new packages and letters. since the pandemic started i’ve been sending cards out regularly and been getting replies. i’ve also been ordering a lot of new things for the house since we’re redecorating – to the point that i often have no idea what’s in the box when it arrives.

image (27)

tony and i finally got sushi for the first time since everything shut down. i forgot how delicious it was and was dancing in my seat as i took a bite. i’m so happy to be enjoying some of my favorite food again. i can’t wait to go back to a pho restaurant and get my usual bowl, dine-in style.

image (18)

once restrictions lightened up, tony and i took a trip out to my favorite ice cream place (well, frozen custard place.) it was sweltering outside so my cone started melting right away, but it was as delicious as always. i’ve been worried since it’s a stand alone, small business, so tony and i have made it a point to go there twice a week to help them out.

image (24)

with all the frozen custard, i’m trying to get more active to keep myself in check. everyone’s been calling it the quarantine fifteen – and i’m thankful i haven’t gotten to that point, but i have gained a bit of weight since the pandemic started. one of the things i’ve been doing is going on long walks with the dog. this was a fun adventure with pia and he dog, joules. i was so happy to spend time with her.

image (22)

speaking of pia, we both went together to donate blood. it’s really important during this time to give blood because since blood drives have been suspended (for obvious reasons) they’re supply is in danger. pia and i have decided to make it a thing to always go together, which i absolutely love. i’m now affectionately calling her my blood buddy – not sure if she hates it or not, though.

image (21)

another thing i’ve picked up more of since i finally have all my stuff in one place is plants! my green babies are finally at home with me full time now and so i took the time to do some re-potting. i realized that i left my gardening tools at my last place, so naturally i went online to order new ones- and of course they might as well be cute! all of my plants are so happy now, our condo has so much natural light and they are absolutely thriving!

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tony and i have made an effort to get some volleyball back into our lives. of course with just the two of us, practice is limited to bumping back and forth, but we’re trying to make the most of it! we’ve also begun tracking how many we can do in a row, and so far we’ve reached 70! our top goal is 100 for now, but who knows? the sky is the limit. i can’t wait to start playing on a court with six people again, but until then, this will have to do.

image (29)

don’t be alarmed – i’m still playing animal crossing a ton. i reached a 5 star rating so i’ve slowed down a bit in my playing. i’m still online at least once daily for about an hour to make sure i’m still keeping up with everything i need to do. once my island is exactly how i want it, i’ll definitely share with you all in an in-depth post! thankful tiffany still makes time to play with me, since our schedules have really gotten hectic with the arrival of summer.

image (20)

warning: sappy paragraph

honestly, tony and i have been getting even closer each day because of being trapped at home together and working so hard to make our place reflect us. i’m falling more in love with him each day and i’m immensely grateful. i mean, look at that face!

image (16)

speaking of being in love, i’ve started my hunt for my engagement photo shoot dress. this has been really difficult because i can’t go in store and try things on, so i’ve resorted to ordering things online and then having to deal with the hassle of returns. i’ve gotten a few cute dresses already – some i’ve kept just because they’re cute, but i haven’t quite found the one, yet. i hope it shows up, soon. our session is scheduled for the end of this month!

image (23)

a lot has changed – in a good way – and i’m really starting to feel good again. i’ve been living with tony since the beginning of the pandemic, but it’s finally becoming home. i hope that now that things are getting more routine again, i will start being consistent here once more. this weekend comes my long awaited wedding dress shopping adventure, so expect something on that soon, as well.

stay safe and healthy out there, everyone. Xx

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