not enough hours

lately i’ve been feeling like the days pass too quickly. i’ve been so incredibly high on life that sometimes i wish i had more time to experience all the things i love, but still get enough sleep. there’s a lot to do each day and not enough hours. last week was no exception.

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the week started off with a rare bottle of coffee – i’ve been so exhausted lately i could just about die. but the exhaustion has been worth it. in addition to coffee, tony bought me my favorite girl scout cookies over the weekend, so i’ve been enjoying them very much.

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but of course one set of sweets isn’t enough for me. our office had our annual pi day pie contest on monday – late due to some work from home scheduling conflicts. there were seven entries! i wanted to bake a pie this year, but since i’m in the process of moving again there just wasn’t any time or space to do it. the pies were delicious, though, and i’m happy we got so much participation!

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tuesday night was date night! tony and i had a delicious dinner together. i don’t know what it is about him, but whenever we’re together i always forget to take pictures – perhaps i’m just having that much fun. on the way back home after dinner, i noticed the most gorgeous sunset in my rear view mirror. luckily i was a red light, so i was able to roll down my window and snap a quick picture.

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in addition to our date, tony gifted me these cute desk items. it was just a small surprise – but it was so special none-the-less. it’s really the little things that count.

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i was a bit naughty this week and skipped the gym a lot (though to be fair i played a lot of volleyball!) when i finally made it out to do my gym routine, i was proud that my mile time improved! this week i’m vowing to be a lot better – i want to get my time a lot lower for the all the 5ks i’m doing this year.


on saturday morning i woke up to this precious angel, leah. she’s a ball of energy, very needy, and loves attention – so you could say she and i have a lot in common. she and i have become very close these past few weeks, and i’ve grown to love her very much! her floppy ears are my ultimate weakness.

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after i threw all of my stuff in a bag, i picked up my mom and we took a little road trip down to richmond to visit my brother. upon arrival, we went to this lovely hibachi restaurant only a few minutes away from his place. the food was delicious and the decorations were top notch.

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after lunch and a short nap, we headed over to this ice cream parlor called charm school. it had such a great aesthetic! i really enjoyed the atmosphere, and the ice cream was delicious. it was really nice to enjoy the sweet treats – and it was definitely a plus that it was on top of a pokestop.

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after dessert, we walked back to the car. richmond is full of rich historic buildings and has a wonderful vibe. i was so happy to spend the weekend there with my mom, my brother, and my nieces. those kinds of experiences are irreplaceable.

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after a long drive home and another nap, tony and i picked up my mom for dinner. we headed to my favorite korean barbecue restaurant, oegadgib. it was her first time meeting him, so of course i was excited and happy. dinner went wonderfully; it was the perfect way to end such a wonderful week.

the week ahead looks even more promising, as i’m finally moving into my new home! i’m hoping everything falls into place, but i’m also prepared for a few hiccups along the way. hope your week ahead is as lovely as ever ❤

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