a young summer

i’ll never forget sam’s backyard- the wooden swing on the tree, the vibrant meadow, the tiny stream between his house and mine, and the occasional treat of seeing a doe prancing in between the thick of the greens.

i can still taste the chocolate chip cookies we’d bake and the soda we’d drink as if it were bottomless. if i close my eyes in the sunlight i can almost feel the wind rushing past me as you’d push me on that swing, faster and faster- as high as i could go!

i remember the quiet evenings, laying in the grass next to you; slowly falling in love but not realizing it yet. kissing your lips for the first time, how full they were and how they would move against mine in a rhythm that could rock the stars. suddenly finding that spark that made me feel like i could possibly feel something more.

our last summer of youth. our last herald before our lives would grow busy like a never ending race. i remember the way your skin felt the best. when i’d lean on you, our backs against the tree, how our arms would touch- your hairs tickling my bare skin slowly as the breeze swept past us.

it was the perfect summer to fall in love.

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