do it for the gram

it’s been a relaxing holiday – i took a step back from my blog, and i’m pretty proud of that. i think breaks are equally important as hard work!

Mobile Image.jpg

the sun has been setting right when i’m heading home from work, so i’ve been getting beautiful sunset views. there’s a particular spot where the trees silhouette just right, and i absolutely love it. i was lucky enough to be at a red light to snap a picture of this view.

Mobile Image1.jpg

i had a very exciting start to the week with my friends! since volleyball is done until january, we decided to get together and treat ourselves to korean bbq. so, the restaurant we went to, was decorated beautifully. i was absolutely in enamored with the fireplace and the entire aesthetic of the place.

Mobile Image2.jpg

after korean bbq, we decided to grab dessert at siroo story, a local dessert shop. i opted for this red velvet cupcake (literally!) and it was okay. i had a difficult time digging out the cake with a spoon, so i guess i prefer the traditional cupcakes after all.

Mobile Image3.jpg

of course, i wanted to take the perfect picture – but i got teased for it! my friends kept chanting, “do it for the gram!” and took pictures of me taking the picture you saw above. i have no regrets, it turned out great!

Mobile Image4.jpg

then, as per tradition, our office had our ugly sweater day the week before christmas. each year the amount of people who participate grows, and it makes me very happy. this is my fifth year wearing my pixel santa sweater, so i think it might be time to go buy a new one for next year.

Mobile Image.jpg

the work weekend ended quietly, with beautiful and light scenery. i’m kicking myself a bit because i had an excellent weekend and i forgot to take any pictures! i had a sleepover with my close friend, and then we went out and had all sorts of adventures. it’s alright though, i think the fact that i forgot to take pictures is a testament to how much fun i had.

anyways, this week has been eventful already – especially with christmas. can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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