to light up the night

as you might remember, i had an eventful saturday. sunday was no different. we made our way out to one loudon, a local town center, that had a beautiful lantern festival only a short distance away. the lights could be seen from far away, adding a bit of magic to anyone commuting on the highway.

Mobile Image2

the entrance was as grand as you might imagine. i was in awe of how beautiful it was.

Mobile Image3

there were many different displays set up, including dinosaurs, underwater themes, and fun characters.

Mobile Image

i especially loved the underwater theme.

Mobile Image

of course, it’s called a lantern festival for a reason. these were so beautiful, i stood below them and twirled around for a bit, gazing above. it’s amazing how they contrast against the dark sky.

Mobile Image1

this set up was so cutesy and colorful, i really enjoyed it. i loved seeing all the fun characters.

Mobile Image2

it was freezing out, but it was completely worth it. the sign for this particular section hit a bit close to home reading, “love is fragile. and we’re not always its best caretakers. we just muddle through and do the best we can. and hope this fragile thing survives against all odds.” i got slightly emotional reading this passage, feeling that it’s true – we do the best we can, and hope things work out in the end.

Mobile Image3

finally, before we headed out, we took a picture next to our zodiac signs. i’m the year of the dog, so here i am with this fun guy.

the lantern festival was so magical. i wish i had brought my earmuffs, as it was quite cold. i did get to laugh a lot, enjoy great company, and see beautiful sights, so i’m happy that i was able to do this. i’m lucky to have a great friend to experience these things with, it makes the hardships of the day just that much lighter.

hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead ❤

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