slow starts

honestly, last week was pretty slow – aside from my normal day-to-day activities, nothing happened until friday and then suddenly everything was a whirlwind!

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friday i met up with a friend and grabbed some coffee. there’s a coffee bar next to my work that recently has gotten a lot of buzz for their coffee. i like them because when i tell them that i specifically don’t want my coffee to taste like coffee, they really listen to me. it was nice catching up and taking a short break from the office.

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also, last week was diwali, and so my office had a little party to celebrate it together. i really loved seeing my coworkers dress up in the traditional garb, and take pictures together. the food was especially delicious, i ate far too much, but it was completely worth it.

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on friday night i went out for a wine tasting and bachata lesson event. i’ve never done either and it was a completely new experience! i’ve never been much for alcohol in general, but the wine was very good. in high school, i did show choir, and that’s about the full extent of my dancing background. the bachata was surprisingly easy, but since my dance partner was very good, i felt a bit clumsy. by the end of the lesson, though, i was laughing and twirling and truly enjoying myself.

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on saturday, i spent the day in dc with friends. we took so many pictures, that i need to do a completely separate post of my adventures with them. however, i was extremely excited to come across a stand with a bubbles popsicle! finding bubbles in particular is very rare, as spongebob is the most commonly distributed character. so even though it was so cold, i let myself freeze a little more so i could savor this treat.

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finally, we got ramen to warm ourselves up after a cold day. the broth and noodles did just the trick, but it was the laughs and company that warmed me up the most.


in addition to this, i had a long weekend due to veteran’s day holiday, so i wanted to take a moment and thank all the veterans who have given their time and service. i hope you had a wonderful weekend with your loved ones!


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