an endless sky

the other night i got home pretty late after spending some time with a friend.

when i got out of the car, i looked up and noticed my favorite constellation, orion. it has been a while since i really looked at the sky, and this particular night the sky was clear – not a single cloud. where i live now, there’s almost no light pollution so the view was even more dazzling. i was terribly exhausted after my long drive, but i was so captivated by the millions of little glittering stars in the sky. i slowly spun around gazing above, capturing every little glisten i could.

Mobile Image.png

i don’t have one of those amazing cameras, so i looked up a sky map to show you what my view was. but honestly, i’m glad i wasn’t able to take a picture because that was a moment i had – just to myself.

last night when i got home, i looked up to the sky to see only clouds. i thought to myself that each individual moment truly is fleeting – and if we don’t take the time when it’s happening, we won’t get the chance to experience it again.

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