playing catch up

last week i was hit with a nasty cold, and so i wasn’t able to post all the fun pictures i took the week before. in fact, since i was so sick, i didn’t get to have many adventures at all. but here’s some cheer that’ll hopefully brighten up your day!

Mobile Image.jpg

i took some time to go out to the park with my nephews. i can’t even remember the last time i was on a swing set. we played tag, and i was exhausted, but it was such a fun time. precious moments like this are essential.

Mobile Image1.jpg

my company turned fifteen years old this month. i ordered a cake and we popped some champagne to celebrate. i’m honestly so proud to be a part of such a great company, and i have loved working here the past few years. everyone enjoyed the cake, and we chatted around the kitchen enjoying some stories about the humble beginnings of kajeet.

Mobile Image4.jpg

my bangs have been driving me crazy, they’d gotten so long! i went to see my stylist, who i’ve been seeing since i was a kid. she knows me well, and i don’t even have to tell her how to cut my bangs, she just knows.

Mobile Image2.jpg

on friday, i carpooled with my brother to work in his ferrari scuderia. it was fun being in a high-profile car. since it’s a race car, the interior wasn’t super comfortable, but it was fun seeing people stare.

Mobile Image3.jpg

that evening, we bought mega millions tickets. the lottery reached the billions, so we couldn’t help but try our luck. we made a pact that i’d pay off his house if i won, and he’d buy me a house, pay off my debts, and send me back to school if he won. obviously, i did not win, but it was fun trying our luck anyways.

Mobile Image.jpg

the week was also filled with volleyball. i’m currently playing four nights a week, and i absolutely love it. i feel like i’ve improved so much in the past few weeks – i’ve been staying late to practice with my friends. there’s nothing cooler than a spike, so i captured some of my friends doing a set up.

Mobile Image1.jpg

the weekend brought another trip to the farmer’s market with leta. we grabbed some coffee because i was exhausted from a late night playing volleyball. these walks with her have become so essential to me, i’m glad we take the time to catch up each week.

Mobile Image2.jpg

on our way out, we saw this adorable set up. i absolutely love spooky decorations, and this one was especially charming. even though it was quite chilly, the scenery made me feel like it was a nice summer’s day. with halloween coming up, the decorations have been getting better and better!

hope your week ahead is wonderful.


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