beauty in ordinary things

happy monday, everyone. i’m so excited to share the past week with you – especially since it was such a good one.

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i started off my week hard at work doing some of my notary public duties. my coworker was closing on a house and needed my help. it was a lot of stamping and signing, but it was fun. i love that i have my own stamp, it makes me feel so official.

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after a fun start to the work week, my mother and i went out to window shop and have dinner. we ate delicious food at maggiano’s, which i regrettably forgot to take pictures of, and then walked around the very fancy mall with all the high end brands. i saw this adorable little bear at burberry, and i fell in love instantly. it took all my self control not to buy him on the spot. it was so fun catching up with my mom and just leisurely spending time together.

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tuesday night offered its own surprise. during dinner, i looked over and saw a dear right outside on the patio! normally, the wildlife in the back doesn’t wander close to the buildings during daylight so it was a real treat. i wanted to get closer and get a better quality picture, but i didn’t want to spook it.

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then on wednesday, my clothes from marzia bisognin’s new linee summer collection arrived. i can’t wait to style these pieces and take pictures for my next haul post. the skirt design is especially fun.

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lately, i’ve picked up rimworld again. it’s still in beta, but the game is so much fun! i’ve been playing it for a few years now, and i get in and out of the mood to play. it’s been a month long streak, now, and my colony has grown so much. i highly recommend. here’s a snippet of two of my colonists getting married. i built this room just for the occasion.

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the work week ended with free chinese food, which meant another fortune to add to my collection.  i see so many fortunes because of my collection that i normally see repeats, or they’re very generic that i don’t remember them, but this one in particular struck me. “you find beauty in ordinary things — do not lose this ability.”

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friday night, i went to volleyball and we finally got in our team shirts! i really feel so excited and a part of something, matching the rest of my teammates. i recently signed up for another monday and wednesday night team, so i’ll be very busy once august arrives.

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on saturday i went to the pool with one of my closest friends. it’s so nice to sunbathe. i was feeling really good about myself – the best i’ve felt about my appearance in weeks, so i thought i’d share this because keeping yourself positive is important! i personally don’t like getting tanner, but it felt so good soaking up the vitamin d.

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of course, it wouldn’t be the pool if we didn’t dip in the water. it was so relaxing sitting with her and just enjoying each other’s company. it’s simple moments like these that are unforgettable. i’m blessed to have someone like her in my life. i can’t wait to go to the pool many more times with her this summer!

i’m feeling very excited to take on the next week since last week went so well. i’m feeling like myself again, which is sometimes the best feeling. i hope the week ahead is amazing for you, too.

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