a saturday well spent

recently i’ve been trying to make my weekends more full. because i work most weekends, i find that i end up staying in bed resting all day to prepare for work. while i don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing, i do sometimes regret that i slept until two and only have an hour or so to do anything before i head to work. i decided recently i want to push myself to get up a bit earlier, and make sure i spend my weekends doing things i truly love. (though i will cheat and sleep the day away sometimes anyways.)


on saturday, i woke up early and immediately, my boyfriend and i wanted to pick a place to eat. i had been craving sweet potato fries for a few days now, and he was craving onion rings, so we decided a burger place was the only way to go.  we got dressed and headed to burger 21. i have to say, everything about the place was phenomenal. my sweet potato fries were absolutely delicious and his onion “strings” were so good. i was a bit snobby and put an over easy egg in my burger and i was not disappointed. my food definitely made me sway in my seat. which for me means i absolutely loved it.


as if the food wasn’t already amazing, they also had a red velvet milkshake. i’ve recently been on a huge red velvet exploration front so there was no way i couldn’t try the shake. as you can see, i obviously enjoyed it. i’m a little bitter because the shake is for a limited time only. i’m going to have to make a few more trips here before april to enjoy this shake before it’s gone.


after we got home, we went on a walk in the woods behind our house. this time, while walking on the trails, he suddenly stopped me and pointed out the white deer that hangs out in the area. i’d never seen this deer before so as you might imagine i was so excited and surprised. the deer was deep in the growth, but i snuck around the trees and thorns and got up close to get a better look. the deer was watching me cautiously, but in the end let me snap a few pictures before making its way deeper in.

i headed off to work once we got back from our walk, but i was so happy that i already had a day so full of experiences.


once i returned home from work, i sat at our dining table to continue studying my japanese. this is one of my favorite ways to unwind after a day at work. also, studying before bed helps with retention so i try to always do a little practice before “sleeping on it.” i’m all the way to the “ha” row now.


after receiving a lot of flowers for valentine’s day, i realized that i really love having fresh flowers in the house. every week or so, i try to pick up a new bouquet to keep me company at the dining room table at night when i’m studying. this week i got fresh white alstroemerias, which are my favorite flower.

did you have a nice saturday, rich in experiences and joy? ❤



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