april daze

well, this goal has been a colossal failure. i was hoping to post on my blog at least twice a month and before i knew it, it was april. i’ve been trying to find my footing – so much has happened in life since i closed ordinary days back in january. i think a part of my lack of inspiration to write has been the feeling that there’s nothing worth writing about.

recently i’ve been doing a lot of reading. i’m really hooked on sarah j. maas’ a court of thorns and roses series. i’m on the final book and to be honest i’ve been stalling because i don’t want the story to end!

i’m proud to say i’ve been consistent in making my monthly and weekly spreads! bullet journaling has kept my creative side alive despite my depression hindering my motivation these days.

tony and i got an amc a-listers membership and now we’re going to the movies almost every week! it’s crazy because i’ve been so picky about movies in the past but now that it’s basically free, we go see just about everything that looks remotely interesting. my movie ticket stubs collection has been growing so quickly, it makes me glad i started collecting back in 2008.

my plant craze has been growing (no pun intended.) just today i did some repotting and all my little green babies seem happy! my only flaw when it comes to my plants is that i can’t keep anthuriums alive no matter what i do! i know you’ll probably want to give me advice, but trust me – after five poor souls have withered, i’m content to just accept that this particular species isn’t for me haha.

i’m toying with the idea of just writing about the media that i’ve consumed each month. between k-dramas, manga, anime, books, and reality tv, that should be something to get me back into writing – i hope. as i’m typing this now, i’m realizing how good it feels to feel my fingers glide on the keyboard for more than just a work email. perhaps i’ve missed this much more than i realized.

sidebar: isn’t my new kurama nendoroid absolutely perfect?!

until next time – which hopefully won’t be too far away Xx


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