pleasant surprises

october is here and i couldn’t be more excited. i love the spooky season more than i could ever tell you! life has picked up a bit since i’ve last written, so here goes.

my company started a book club and i’ve been reading along with it. i personally haven’t really enjoyed the books so far but i’ve plugged along anyways. this month we’re reading killers of the flower moon. i still need to finish it. it’s very educational and well written, i’m just more of a fun-fantasy type person, so this book drags quite a bit for me.

tony and i are almost done painting the accent walls in our house. we’re spending one weekend a month painting and we’re slowly getting it done. most recently we did the accent wall in the bedroom behind the bed. i absolutely love it – it makes the room feel more homey.

speaking of painting, i started dabbling again in some artistic painting. i took some inspiration from spirited away, and i’m pretty proud of how my haku turned out. i almost want to pick up a brush again soon and do something new.

like i said, spooky season is here! i use this mug all year round, but something about it gets even more special when it’s the appropriate season. i wish it was always halloween!

tiffany and i made some traditional japanese curry. it was delicious as always, and we even took the time to cut the carrots into cute shapes. i definitely want to make this dish monthly – the only trouble is that it’s so much work. maybe soon i’ll do a whole post on making this curry, but it’s a two man job so i’ll need tiffy’s help.

tony and i recently took a weekend away to richmond to see my brother and his family. we left leah with my friend, cammy, and she was so happy when we got home and picked her up. i have to admit, i did miss the little stinker.

i’ve started working out 5 – 6 days a week and it’s been really tough! i’m proud of myself for doing it. i recently got a subscription to obé fitness. they have 28 minute classes that really kick your butt! you can watch live classes and get shout outs or watch replays on your own time. i’ve really loved it and it keeps me motivated and working hard!

i finally got myself a real office chair – and a gaming one no less. i have been sitting on a $20 walmart chair for years and thought it was finally time to upgrade. i found this beauty on technisport and fell completely in love with her. i really recommend their chairs. they’re very comfortable and great quality.

one of my yearly goals was to run a 10k. well covid really threw that out the window, but i still managed to go out and do a 5k with my family! so far that makes 3 years in a row of doing a 5k so i’m proud of myself for being consistent. i’m hoping i can make it more of a habit and finally reach that 10k goal i have for myself.

tony and i passed the year mark for our wedding countdown! i can’t believe that i’ll be his wife in less than a year. i’ve been planning for so long that i sometimes feel like it’ll never happen, but it creeps closer each day!

snail mail is what keeps me happy lately. my friends have been awesome about sending me letters and i enjoy returning the favor. getting something in the mail is always such a pleasant surprise and adds an element of joy to my days. tiffany always goes the extra mile with her letters, adding lots of decorations and a wax seal!

i finished another puzzle again, i’m so happy with it! i only have one left from the stack tony bought me when the pandemic first hit, so once i conquer that, i’ll be out of puzzles! i always feel so proud when i finish a puzzle because they’re a real time commitment.

i’ve been sitting in a low the past few weeks. despite working hard on my routines, i’m still experiencing the downsides to my cyclothymia.

it hasn’t been all bad, though. now that i know what it is, i feel like it’s way more manageable and my support system is just that much better. some days are easier than others, but hopefully i’ll be out of my funk again soon.

i have a few posts i’m starting to plan for you and i can’t wait to share them once they’re done. i’m thankful you’ve been here reading my posts and going on this journey with me, despite how boring my life is right now. i hope you’re safe out there and that life is going smoothly despite all the chaos in the world right now. talk to you again soon Xx

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