wedding planning (pt 5)

we had our engagement photoshoot! and i’m immensely happy with how the pictures turned out. i’m so glad that for years i’ve kept up with my childhood neighbor and watched as her photography company came to life. we booked her and her husband for our wedding and their wedding package came with an engagement photoshoot! after seeing the photos, i can’t wait for compass studios to shoot our wedding, too.

it was an extremely hot summer’s day, but we didn’t let that stop us. we went to a nearby park to take photos. it was even more scenic than the website hinted at. there were so many beautiful spots to take pictures.

tony was nervous about the pictures as he never really felt like he was photogenic, but they turned out so great. he wasn’t even a bit stiff and rolled with it easily.

katie, our photographer, kept telling us how natural we are and that we were really fun to photograph. i’m happy we were able to be intimate even in front of the camera.

of course, we got some ring shots – and they turned out so gorgeous. i still can’t believe sometimes that this ring is mine!

i’ve taken a lot of photos in my life, so i felt good about the entire shoot. i was even more impressed by how everything came back. picking out our outfits was probably the most stressful part of the whole endeavor and they turned out perfect! i made mine first, then got tony things to compliment it.

my outfit includes: white bodysuit from pink lily; skater skirt from amazon; dolores heels from kate spade

one of the things i was most proud of was the chalkboard sign i made for the shoot. it was our only prop and it ended up being just right!

we also found a really beautiful area next to the main park that seemed like it was out of a dream.

katie did a great job giving us direction! we were able to really take advantage of the entire space.

i honestly can’t imagine better photos that would capture our adoration for each other! it makes me even more excited to get married. i’ve already started working on save the dates and can’t wait to send them out. unfortunately we’ve decided to wait until covid seems more under control. we’d hate to send out save the dates and then the date changes due to the pandemic.

other than that, i’ve been working on different decorations with the help of my bridesmaids and booking a few more vendors. can’t wait to share that progress with you, next! Xx

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