small snippets of normal

hi lovelies! it’s been almost two months since i posted about daily life, and honestly i feel a little scattered, but i’ll try my best!

image (10)

the days have been filled with tiffany. she has really been my confidant lately and one of the few people i have been close quarters with since quarantine started. we take turns going to each other’s places, and i’ve gotten to enjoy a lot of time with her kitten, mixie. spending time with her has me even more excited for my future kitty.

image (11)

tony and i have finally made our house a home. we still have a few projects lined up, but we have all our main furniture and i’m so thrilled. my plants are all doing really well with their new arrangements which makes me heart happy. i’ll have to introduce you to all my new little babies soon.

image (12)

tony really loves blue glass, and so we’ve really incorporated it into our place. i’m really enjoying how it makes the space look! i’ve also really gotten into chalkboards lately. tony says i’m not allowed to buy anymore – but i just love their versatility!

image (13)

i mostly work from the office, but once a week i get to work from home. i’m enjoying our new home office, and getting to sit right next to tony all day. it really breaks up the week and gives me a mental break from my commute.

image (14)

i also took some time to build this figure of the thousand sunny from one piece! it was a gift almost two birthdays ago, but i didn’t want to build it until it had a real home. i’m so happy that it’s up and i’m really proud of it!

image (15)

now that virginia has entered phase 3, i finally got to go out to get dinner with cammy! our thing is trying new pho places together, and i was really sad we hadn’t gotten to do that this whole time. she’s also as obsessed with selfies as i am, so it’s really fun just to be with her and take pictures!

image (16)

random sappy love moment – tony has been an above and beyond partner. i really can’t wait to call him my husband.

image (17)

i was long overdue for a pedicure, so when salons opened, i took advantage. i also had to get a manicure because my engagement photoshoot was coming up. i was happy to get all dressed up and go out – even though i had to wear a mask the whole time. these small snippets of normal have really helped me feel better lately.

image (18)

as i mentioned, i’m on a chalkboard kick. tony limited me at 3, so i have to make the most of them. the smaller one i plan on changing regularly and having fun with!

image (19)

i literally cried when i took my first bite of pho in three months. i was so happy to eat out with tony! i felt very sad, though, that there was only one other family in the entire restaurant. even though i was glad that i was safe and distanced, i couldn’t help but think about how hard restaurant owners have it right now. i hope the pandemic can be over soon so people can have their livelihoods back!

image (20)

and here’s a picture of dessert. because you never need a reason for cake. i’ve also been baking lately – i’ll have to document my baking adventure that i’m having with tiffany and pia this weekend for you all.

image (21)

something i learned about myself (or maybe i always secretly knew and truly affirmed finally) is that i really can’t watch reality tv. i’m way too empathetic and it ends up stressing me out. i get so high strung watching dysfunctional relationships that i start projecting. i know how ridiculous that sounds but, that’s just how i am.

image (22)

online shopping has become even worse now that i can’t go out to the mall. i did get this really wonderful vinyl set for my switch – isn’t it cute!? i had a lot of fun putting it on. and i’m overall very happy with the quality.

image (24)

i wonder if summer is mushroom season or if it’s been overly humid lately. i’ve seen way more mushrooms this summer than i remember seeing last year. leah always gets confused by the mushrooms when she sees them. this one in particular was huge!

image (23)

the heat has been so oppressive since july started that being outside is such a chore. i’m a little relieved that i don’t have an outdoor garden because i’m sure that i’d either melt or my plants would die. i have been enjoying other gardens in the community, though.

4 x 6 in

i was able to beat the heat a little bit thanks to tiffany! she invited tony and i to use the family pool and i was ridiculously thankful. i got three shades tanner as a result, but i really enjoyed being in the water.

image (26)

we also took leah over to see ashlee’s dog, and now they’re best friends! they had so much fun being together and playing, i’d never seen her like that before. it honestly broke my heart when we had to leave and butterscotch whined because her new friend was leaving. i think that’s the first time i really felt like a dog mom! p.s. getting a good pic of dogs playing is almost impossible.

image (25)

my newest gaming fix has been don’t starve together, which i’ve been playing for hours on end with tiffany and anyone who wants to join us. it’s really dark but i really love the lore and mechanics. we’ve finally survived a full in-game year and are finally ready to start sailing! i’m so excited.


among all of this i have been in full swing of wedding planning – it’s been a great way to keep busy despite the quarantine. i’ve been sharing the process slowly but surely – i’ve got two more posts in the works already and i can’t wait to share them with you.

i’m glad i’ve gotten back into the swing of things by blogging again. i had so much stress that i couldn’t find the motivation to write, so the fact that i am again gives me comfort. i hope you’re doing well and enjoying life despite everything! Xx

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