into the new decade

it’s a new year! can you believe it? and along with some other new years resolutions, i am trying to post on my blog much more this year – at least once a week. so far, so good, but it’s only week two.

image (18).jpg

new year’s eve included another boodle fight. my family has been really into these lately. i just go with the flow, but i really do prefer a good old plate with utensils. it is fun to prep together, so it’s exciting in its own way.

image (19).jpg

right before the ball dropped, we all took some picture with this backdrop my cousins brought. i’ve turned into such a grandma – i was so tired by the time the ball dropped that we left only ten minutes later. i think i’m past the point where i want to stay up for new years eve anymore.

image (20)

the first day of the new year included a lunch date with two of my best girlfriends, followed by a matcha-vanilla soft serve cone. i was so happy to be with cammy and ashlee to bring in the new year.

image (21)

once i was back in the office after a much needed vacation, it was finally time to switch out planners! tony got me the white one as a surprise and i actually really enjoyed using it at work so i got myself another one for the new year. there’s something about starting fresh that always feels so exciting.


leah has gotten cuter, somehow. i wonder if it’s because she’s become more well behaved. tony was taking a nap on the floor so he could snuggle with her (she’s not allowed on the bed) and they looked so adorable i had to snap a few pictures. i think i’ve finally become a dog mom.

image (22)

my mother got me the fitbit versa 2 for christmas and the different colored bands i bought finally came in! i’m excited to coordinate with all my outfits again.

image (23)

construction in our office is well underway – and the final stages include furniture. since i’m leading a lot of the construction project i got to finalize finishes for our furniture selections which included a big meeting with sushi! sometimes it’s fun being in charge (usually not so much.)

image (24)

i was pretty surprised to get an etsy order with the new year. i didn’t realize this but my platypus is pretty popular! it’s tied for the most sold item in my shop. i made one on a whim since they’re my favorite animal, and it seems that it’s niche enough that people want them! i’ve been trying to revamp my shop, so i got more wool after this order to make sure i can supply the items people really like.

so far, the new year is going really well. i’ve been pretty grumpy work-wise due to all the craziness, but i’m starting to settle into all my tasks so i have time for my personal projects. hope the weekend ahead is full of lots of fun for you! Xx

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