a bloody donation

hello all, it’s been too long! i took a vacation last week and so now i’m back and raring to share the past few weeks with you all.

before my vacation, the office building i work at was doing a blood donation event. i wasn’t planning on giving blood because i’m terribly afraid of needles. during the work day, however, my coworkers managed to convince me because some of them weren’t able to give blood due to some regulations and said that they would, if they could. this was enough to encourage me to go down and make the donation!

Mobile Image1.jpg

inova came with an entire “blood bus” and that alone was enough to put me on edge. i really don’t like being on big buses or anything with pressurized-cabin like compartments. just the smell of the stale air conditioning made me feel slightly nauseous. i’ve also never given blood before but i was able to go through with it, and managed not to back out.

Mobile Image2.jpg

i whined like a baby the entire time the needle was in and it was awful, but i managed to smile for the picture. i know giving blood is no big deal, but for me, who has such a hard time with pain and needles, this was a huge step! one of my coworkers went with me and he encouraged me the entire time he was giving blood, too. this made it a bit easier, but i was still very stressed.

Mobile Image3.jpg

i was really surprised by how much blood they took! in the end, i’m really glad i did it – i was able to do something good, and that always feels nice. since i hadn’t properly prepared, the rest of the day was spent with snacks and a slight woozy feeling. i did try to go to rehearsal that night, but the fatigue was so bad i had to go home early so i could sleep.

if you haven’t before, you should donate blood! it’s a really great deed and you can really end up helping a person in need. here’s all the information if you’re interested!

hope your week has been great, and i can’t wait to share more of my adventures with you, soon ❤

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