a house full of warmth

another week has passed and honestly all i can say is that april has been giving me nothing but great week after great week.

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after eight long months, i was finally able to indulge in a bubble bath! i was so happy just laying there in the hot water and reading my book. soft quiet moments and just becoming engrossed in another world was both relaxing and centering.

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the building that my company is in threw an earth day party for us. i originally went down to eat some celery, but then when i spotted these cannolis, there was no way i could resist. they both were delicious.

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i was able to make it to the gym at least once this past week. i wasn’t able to run very far as my ankle was really bothering me. however, i did play four nights of volleyball this week, totaling in six hours of sweating outside of the gym!

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my sorority mom was in town this week. it’s been over two years since she moved to california, and as such, getting together was a must! a few of us met up at a local dessert shop, and everything was so good! spending time with everyone and just catching up and chatting felt really nice.

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unfortunately, i had a hiccup, as well. while getting my state inspection, they discovered a nail in my tire, and so it threw off my plans for the entire day! everything was fixed, and i suppose i’m not too upset as i was able to get a lot of reading done.

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one of my roommates loves puzzles, and so while she’s been on vacation she’s been starting some at home. ironically, we do this thing now where she starts them, and i finish them. i’m pretty neurotic and can’t stop once i’ve started. this one turned out pretty cute.

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tony and i had a nice dinner together, as we tend to do at least once a week. following dinner, we passed by this amazing dessert place, and they had heart-shaped macrons! the red velvet cake was also excellent. we’ll definitely have to pass by again sometime soon.

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by the end of the week, we completed two puzzles! it was a bit of a bummer because in order to clean up and make room for our housewarming party this weekend, we had to take them apart almost immediately after.

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morning snuggles with leah have become one of my favorite parts of the weekend. she’s very much like me, and loves attention and snuggles!

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so the housewarming party we had was a huge success! the only downside is i was so busy hosting and having fun that i completely forgot to take pictures! luckily, we got some pictures together before the party was in full swing.

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when we originally scheduled the housewarming party, we did not realize it was the night before easter. regardless of how much fun we had or how late we stayed up, we still made sure to get our butts up in the morning and head to church.

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i attended easter service at leta’s church, which is absolutely stunning. i was excited to spend this time with leta, tony, and leta’s boyfriend. it was a bright, sunny morning and we all had a great time connecting with our religion.

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after service, we headed out to have lunch with my family and then spend the rest of the day resting. the weekend was so incredibly fulfilling, and i just can’t believe that every single week is almost better than the last.

this week will have its own set of adventures, and i’m sure exhaustion will find its way to me, but i honestly can’t wait for what lies ahead. i hope you’re having a fantastic monday so far ❤

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