quite a bit of luck

last week was a complete whirlwind! the week itself was so busy and packed that i didn’t remember to take any pictures. work was hectic and the evenings were busy. i went on a really great date, and signed a lease for a new townhouse with my girlfriends! but once friday came around, i was able to finally take a moment and relax a little and enjoy myself.

Mobile Image4.jpg

the weather was lovely towards the end of the week. i was meeting up with leta to get our piercing checkup, and so while i waited, i decided to read with the windows down. i’m really enjoying my book, so i was happy to take some time to read.

Mobile Image.jpg

after our respective check-ups, (which we were told our piercings are healing excellently) we went for a walk to a nearby rita’s custard shop. during the walk i noticed these purple beauties.

Mobile Image1.jpg

when we made it to the custard shop, i was utterly exhausted, but it was completely worth it. i was happy to spend time with her and catch up!

Mobile Image2.jpg

on saturday, a bunch of us got together to do some pokemon go raids since there was a special event. we wandered around the local town center and took down gyms and got some pokestops. it was so much fun!

Mobile Image3.jpg

this weekend was jammed pack full of st. patrick’s day events. tony and i attended a party saturday evening, and although we didn’t stay too late, we did leave after most people were already in the for the night. the town center was gorgeous and the lights made my heart all warm.

Mobile Image4.jpg

sunday after running errands, i introduced tony to milwaukee frozen custard, my favorite desert spot. he absolutely loved his chocolate birthday cake flavor, and i got the usual. it was so warm and sunny out, we were able to enjoy the cold treats outside.

Mobile Image.jpg

finally, sunday closed up with volleyball! it was sunday funday, but because of the holiday we made it more of a st. patrick’s day party. i played some really great volleyball and made some new friends! it was literally a perfect way to close up the week.

lots of wonderful changes happened this week – and i can’t get over how blessed i am that things in my life are finally falling into place. the week ahead only seems more promising, and i hope that’s the case for you, too! ❤

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