february 2019 goals

march is in full swing, and as the days pass i’m working on another set of goals. last month was pretty successful, if i didn’t accomplish my goals, i at least took clear steps towards them – which was really comforting.

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this year i decided to trim down my list to three to make it a little easier on myself. i really enjoyed committing myself to these goals, and so here’s how everything went:

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find a place to live

right now i’m trying to move out of my brother’s house by the first week of april. of course i know i am always welcome to stay there, but i definitely don’t want to take advantage of the immense kindness i’ve been shown. in the beginning of february i went apartment shopping with one of my future roommates, kaitlyn. she has been an incredible friend and i’m so excited to move in with her. we looked at a ton of places, but unfortunately most places were already vacant, meaning that we couldn’t hold them for such a long time. thus we decided to go searching again next month – and plan to do that later this week. so i’m not quite there yet, but soon enough i’ll have a place to call my own.

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purge my items

with the move looming ahead and being too emotional to go through my items properly since the breakup, it was high time i was responsible and got rid of my stuff again. the latest marie kondo fad has begun because of the new netflix series, but as you all know – i already did this years ago. sometimes i need to go back and do it again because one can easily outgrow items, both physically and mentally. i was able to get rid of one bag of trash, and one giant bag of donations. i feel quite a bit lighter!

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cook lunch for family

well, i ended up making dinner, but i still did it! i’ve been staying with my family and enjoying my sister’s cooking for the past couple months. i’ve been itching to cook again, but it’s been hard to find time and plan it out. i ended up making my favorite pasta for them, complete with chicken, mushrooms, and broccoli. one of my nephews was not a fan of the pasta, but another one scarfed it down. i’ll take that as a win, i suppose.

Mobile Image4.jpg

march’s goals are much more specific, but i’m feeling pretty optimistic. i hope that i can get full marks for this month. here’s to new goals and a new month ❤

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