recognition you deserve

march has come and february has gone. honestly, february had its own set of challenges, so i can’t say i will necessarily miss it. but although last week was filled with many lows, it ended on one of the brightest notes yet.

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monday was particularly sunny. i was so excited by how the sun warmed my back and how its rays looked in this picture. i’m glad that it was slightly warmer through the week (although as i’m writing this, it’s impossibly cold outside.)

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my nephews recently got the game, dos. it’s a variation of the classic uno. i really enjoy it and playing with them is a lot of fun.

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march also meant a new birthday poster. i’ve really enjoyed adding black cursive above the colored font. i can’t wait to see how my handwriting continues to grow.

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last week i spent quite a few nights at home and played “dots” with my nephew. he’s new to the game, but i’ve been playing it since gradeschool so i was happy to play again. he was really good, but i was still able to beat him.

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as i mentioned before, i’ve been on a kung fu tea kick lately. i found myself there again on friday picking up some good old mango boba. there’s one in my town that i love very much and i go there quite often.


lately i’ve been inspired to write more poetry. in that same token, i’ve been reading more collective works lately. i’m not a huge rupi kaur person, but every once in a while i find a poem of her that really strikes me.

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saturday night brought a girls night with pia! unfortunately we have a terrible habit of getting junk food whenever we hang out, as you can see. of course we didn’t eat everything, and we did share the candy with others. regardless i’m still a bit embarrassed- i need to be more serious about getting healthy!

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finally, the week wrapped up on a high note. sunday was especially fun and full or great memories. i spent the majority of the day with pia and tony, two of my really great friends. we had panda express and enjoyed our fortunes.

i didn’t get a picture of it, but i got in my first spike ever in volleyball on sunday night as well! it was such an amazing feeling and i can’t wait to continue to improve. volleyball is such a huge source of joy in my life – it even brought me so many of the amazing friends i have today.

anyways, how are you all doing today? i have quite a few poems queued up for you, i hope you like them as they come. ❤





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