cute af

happy monday, another week conquered, another week ahead! today’s post is brought to you with vibes from ariana’s new album: thank u, next. i’ve been really enjoying the overall mood that the album has, and so i’m starting this week feeling fierce and confident.

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last week seemed to drag on, honestly, so i was relieved when friday finally came. i came into the office and was excited to enjoy delicious valentine themed donuts. this one in particular was filled with bavarian cream, one of my favorites, so you can easily guess that i finished it happily.

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i was surprised to see that my account on wordpress had reached a year! i’ve always had the bad habit of picking up hobbies and dropping them due to lack of motivation, so i’m happy to say that i’m quite proud of myself for keeping up with my blog for so long.

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friday included a catch up lunch with some of my coworkers. we’ve been at this company together almost two years and i’ve grown very fond of them. we haven’t had time to get together in a while so it was nice to sit down and just get up-to-date on each other’s lives. one of them got engaged so we also needed to celebrate that – i’m so incredibly happy for her!

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while at papyrus, my favorite card store, i noticed this on the table. if you know my personality you would know this nameplate really describes me! as i’ve mentioned time and time again, i love all things cute and adorable. i’ve also hinted at how extra and over the top i tend to be. a perfect addition to my desk to remind me to be proud of the person i am.

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the weekend brought gorgeous sunsets and irreplaceable moments with one of my closest friends, pia. she and i haven’t gotten the chance to spend time with each other lately because we’ve both been so busy.

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during our sleepover adventure extravaganza, i finally completed one of my february goals and made dinner for my family. she helped me with the entire cooking process and then after dinner we all enjoyed a game of pictionary. i can’t describe how warm my heart felt spending time with some of the most important people in my life.

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the next day pia and i had a nice mall date and ran errands together. this included finding a new gym bag. i’ve had a small pink one for several years now, but now that i’ve picked up volleyball, i started to learn my gym bag needs. since i need to bring my volleyball with me and fit a change of clothes as i often come straight from work, i realized that the little pink bag i’ve always had is just too small. i was delighted to find this medium sized mint blue bag, complete with side pockets and extra space.

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finally the week wrapped up with ihop and volleyball. i’d been craving fluffy pancakes all week so i was able to satisfy that craving before pia and i headed to sunday funday volleyball.

the week itself was a bit of a drag, but once friday came in, there was much more charm than i can possibly describe. the week ahead is a bit rainy and dreary, but i’m really looking forward to the week ahead. sending all the best wishes to you ❤

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