autumn playlist

since winter is right around the corner, i thought i’d share with you all what i’ve been listening to this autumn. some of these songs are older, as i’m only recently discovering some music. recently my love for music has been revived by a good friend of mine. he’s been sending me different songs to help me get through the past couple of months.

i listen to a bit of everything, so you may not see any type of particular style. so here it is, hope you enjoy.

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plastic love – mariya takeuchi

cut my hair (feat. cavetown) – mounika.

this is home – cavetown

banana bread – cavetown

fool – cavetown

why the munsters matter – chiodos

expensive conversations in cheap motels – chiodos

one last time – ariana grande

into you – ariana grande

style – taylor swift

summer – brockhampton

waste – brockhampton

lost in japan – shawn mendes

get you (feat. kali uchis) – daniel ceasar

blessed – daniel ceasar

take me away (feat. syd) – daniel ceasar

japanese denim – daniel ceasar

slow dancing in the dark – joji

leftovers – dennis lloyd

idontwannabeyouanymore – billie eilish

teenage fantasy – jorja smith

besitos – pierce the veil

bulls in the bronx – pierce the veil

props & mayhem – pierce the veil

one hundred sleepless nights – pierce the veil

honey – johnny balik

needed me – rihanna


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