august has arrived

happy monday, everyone. this past week was a ton of fun and i’m excited to share it with you!

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sadly, one of my dear co-workers is moving far away, so we had a goodbye lunch for her. we went to seasons 52, a nice restaurant in the area. i indulged myself with these delicious scallops. as time goes on, i learn more and more that i absolutely love snap peas.

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we also helped ourselves to these cute desserts. i had the hazelnut chocolate mousse, which was a little bittersweet- just like the farewells. it was sad to say goodbye, she has been here for me since day one at the company – but she’s going to have new adventures now. i sure am going to miss her.

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on a happier note, wednesday was girlfriend’s day, and boy what a day it was! my best friend, leta, completely surprised me with a little greetabl box that opens up with pictures, confetti, and a little gift. i was beyond thrilled and ecstatic when i realized what it was – i just was not expecting it! i’ve never received something like this before, and so as you might imaging i called her immediately to thank her. i really am so lucky to have a friend like her.

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this week i spent three days with my mom. that’s a lot. her house is so picturesque, i can find a nice shot almost anywhere. she gifted me some plants, a ring, home goods, and clothes while i spent time with her. i felt very spoiled. we went shopping one day, hung out another, and even had lunch with my brothers and their families. lately i’ve been enjoying her company more and more, so i’m glad she’s close by so we can easily see each other.

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speaking of lunch with my family – my nephews and i worked on their tinker crates after we all ate together. i’ve never heard of these, but they were fun. this led crystal changed colors, and this robot even walks! i thought they were so cool and we had so much fun building them together.

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i finished my puzzle a few weeks back, but i’ve been busy with travelling and work that i haven’t had time to set it. this weekend i finally had enough time to tape the back and coat the front with puzzle glue. i had just put the coat on in this picture, so the puzzle is very wet. once it’s completely dry i can finally get it off my dining room table. the puzzle turned out very nice and i really enjoyed putting it together.

Mobile Image1.jpg

i enjoy decorating my car with little decals. i only have a few on each side on the back part of the backseat windows, but they each tell you a lot about me. my sister-in-law was sweet enough to cut out a volleyball decal for me this weekend so i could put it on my car. i put it on, and snapped a picture because it just felt so complete.

this week came and went, but not before it gave me a treasure of experiences. i think that things can only keep getting better, and come what may, i’ll be ready. this week has a whole new set of exciting plans – and i can’t wait to document them!

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