rain and blizzards

a little late, but last week was wonderful. i started the week packed with work, so i didn’t have a moment to stop and collect my thoughts on everything.

Mobile Image4.jpg

i’ve recently been told to take a lot of vitamins. my recent physical check-up went really well, but i need lots of supplements. since i’ve got so many to take i decided to buy a small little weekly pill organizer. it’s actually helped me a lot in keeping track, and i just love how dainty it is!

Mobile Image4.jpg

another week of non-stop rain has led to little mushrooms growing outside in our neighborhood. on my way to my car one morning, i spotted these little guys, and popped over to take a picture. i couldn’t get my camera to focus on the mushroom heads, so i’m not satisfied with the shot, but i loved the way they looked. something about the stems was just so friendly.

Mobile Image4.jpg

towards the end of the week, we got a lot of sunlight, and i was excited to see my money tree getting some nice rays. i really like having it in our bedroom, feels like it really brings the room together. seeing it enjoy the sun also makes me very happy. i recently learned that i’ve been over-watering it a bit, so since this picture, some of the leaves have turned yellow. hopefully with lots of sun and less water, it’ll be vibrant green again.

Mobile Image4.jpg

at work, we recently launched a redesign of one of our products. it was a long road, and people worked very hard, so we celebrated with a happy hour. since i’m in charge of fun events, i picked up some drinks, brought out our wine glasses, and got everything ready so we could enjoy. there’s just something so wondrous about clean, shiny glasses.

Mobile Image3

earlier in the week, i was reminded of blizzards from dairy queen, and told bae we should get some. on thursday, we ventured out for some dessert, and since the weather was nice, we walked around the area. one of the things i love the most about my hometown is the historic district. there’s a lovely little caboose that has been on display next to the town hall ever since i can remember. as a rebellious teen, i even climbed onto the roof with friends, once.

Mobile Image2

after reading some of the historical plaques, we strolled around the lawn area and these black-eyed susans caught my eye. this is one of the most common flowers in the area, but these ones were so bright and happy! bae, really likes the historic district, and jokingly refers to it as “ye old town.”

Mobile Image1

the sun set and as the sky grew darker, we walked back to the car. i had so much fun just taking some time and relaxing with him. it was so peaceful and we didn’t talk much, but i felt like we really spent the time together.

Mobile Image1.jpg

on the way home, we passed by target, and while we were there we found mini-nintendo systems! bae suggested we get both, and when we got home, we set them up and i got to play some old games again. i was so delighted.

friday night we left for new york city. i took a bunch of pictures, and thought i’d write about that separately. so this is all for now, but i hope you enjoyed the update.

happy wednesday ❤

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