two hundred paragon

this past week was one that i didn’t want to end. it was fun, productive, and brought a lot of smiles.

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i’m not a green thumb – perhaps the exact opposite. it’s odd that i’m so bad with them, considering my mom can basically make grass bloom. bae always jokes that i kill plants just by looking at them. i’ve recently wanted to decorate the house more, and plants add a special aura and keep the air fresher. everyone in my family owns a money tree, and so naturally, i wanted one. my mom gifted me one of her smaller ones when i mentioned that i wanted to start keeping plants. these little plants can grow really large, and are said to bring good fortune. the day i brought it home and told bae what it was, he joked, “great, we’re gonna be broke.” i’ve been very seriously watching this plant, and just moved it into our bedroom this week so it could get better sunlight.

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my mom and i took another trip to the fancy mall because she wanted to exchange a few clothes she bought. she treated me to dinner at legal sea foods and it was delicious! i especially loved the soup. lately, we’ve been doing these mall dates often, and i’m really enjoying it.

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i finally bought another puzzle! this one thousand piece world map is styled after antique maps. i really enjoyed it! it only took me two days to finish. i’m terrible at geography so this map helped me learn the location of a lot of countries. i was excited to learn so much while i plugged away at this puzzle. i did end up cheating quite a bit by asking bae where things went, but i didn’t google or use the internet! while completing this puzzle, it really dawned on me how large of a place the world is. i didn’t realize the sizes of continents or how far and close things were to each other. i really enjoyed this puzzle and now i have the itch to buy another one…

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i’ve been in a very cheesy mood this week and was craving the shake shack cheese fries. (pro tip: if you order the cheese on the side, you get more.) bae was very indulgent and took me out for a lunch date over the weekend. i remember taking the first bite of the cheese-dipped fries and dancing around in my seat. it was just so yummy! but more than just the really good food, i had a very meaningful and great conversation with bae about our future and just the overall happiness we have with our lives right now. i don’t think there’s anything more affirming than knowing you and your partner are on the same page. i’m just so glad to have had the conversations i did with him.


since it rained all weekend, bae and i mostly stayed inside and played diablo iii. we’ve been playing season fourteen, and leveling our characters. i opted for a demon hunter and him, a crusader. this weekend, after many many many rifts, we’ve reached two hundred paragon. i can’t wait to play some more this week. i’m really excited because i’ve started becoming a better player and i’m very happy about it!

as if that wasn’t all, my teams even won all nine sets of volleyball that we played throughout the week. i feel like my life is falling into a routine in a good way, and i couldn’t be happier about it. as always, thanks for reading and keeping up with me. i hope your week was as amazing as mine was.

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