may’s first flowers

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i spent a lot of time with my mom this week. she called me in excitement because she found an antique grandfather clock for an amazing deal. the only issue was it was an hour away, and she couldn’t drive herself there. she didn’t want to miss out on the deal, so i drove her to go get it. my mother has wanted a grandfather clock for as long as i can remember, and so i couldn’t possibly tell her no. now it has a nice little home in her living room.

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the next day we had already planned to have dinner at her place. while bae and i helped her with a few things around the house, mom cooked us this delicious meal. my mother loves decorating, so her house is very picturesque. these cute little orchids live on the window-sill above her kitchen sink.

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the two coffee table books that i ordered from kate spade finally arrived this week, so i put them right with my first one. they looks so beautiful stacked together!

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since i was organizing, i decided to fluff up my purses and arrange them properly on the shelf in my closet. as you might imagine, all of them are kate spade. i noticed i don’t have any crazy bright colors, but i think i’ve always been one to have simple, complimentary purses, rather than bold, statement bags.

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i took some time each night to play with chicken. she really enjoys the little log with holes that we gave her. she always pokes her little head out to watch us when we first come to say hello. this week she was more social than usual, and let me take lots of pictures of her. i always get so overwhelmed because she’s so adorable. i have to keep myself from startling her because i’m so excited.


saturday was my last day at kate spade. it was a really sad feeling, but i was ready to say goodbye. i couldn’t help but think how odd it will be not to be in the store every week and getting to look at all the beautiful products released each month. since the store is so close by, i’ll definitely come by for a visit. i can’t stay away from the dazzle and beauty too long.


on sunday, bae and i had an extraordinary date! an anime i like, bungo stray dogs just released a movie and it was only playing in select theaters. i really wanted to go see it, so bae reluctantly agreed. bae has a saying, “it doesn’t have to be good for you to like it.” and i will say that this series is not genius writing, or anything intensely original, but i do love it. dazai (sitting on the right) is one of my husbandos – so obviously i am a bit bias. the movie wasn’t amazing, but i had so much fun watching it and i really liked it!


afterwards, we went to smash’d, the thai rolled ice cream place that i’d been craving since i went at the beginning of april with leta. it was so yummy and i enjoyed watching them make it. bae liked his, though he didn’t get as excited watching as i did.


we went on a nice short walk afterwards. the weather was so perfect for some time outside, and i was so upset that i couldn’t enjoy it because of my allergies. but that didn’t stop me from snapping a picture of the pretty flowers that we walked by.

this week ended up feeling like i opened a book to a new chapter in my life. seasons change, places change, and as such, i have changed as well. i’m still always trying to find my bearings, but as long as i take it a day at a time, i know that anything is possible.

here’s to a bright and beautiful may.

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